Blog to break my block

It needs a push or a jolt, now and then to make it scale higher….I mean the Brain or the self. Blog has been around for ages now, the reader in me has enjoyed reading limitless blogs….but how on earth I have never though of writing one???Thanks to Velpari a good friend and a personal excellence coach for putting the seed in my head.

oh yeah so I am going to write blogs, but about what???It will be a random collection of my thoughts day in and day out. so bare with this dreamer who is limitless. Limitless ,that’s how I will tag myself to be. I see you to be limitless too. Limitless, unpredictable that makes life interesting.

I have always enjoyed the company of people who don’t follow rules or misfits I should say. But I have my husband who is a man of moral order and social upbringing. I get along with him well too ,wondering how, that’s because I am limitless and so are you.

I wish this blog gets me connected to different people, helps me expand my realm.  Meeting new people and getting to know them is just like visiting new land and exploring it. Life becomes a vacation when we have all types of people around us. The deeper ones are more scenic, the creative ones bring an awe in me, the subtle ones show me I have expanded a bit more.so here I am to connect with you all…..IMG_2468.jpg






Hungry for more

I am thirsty, I feel like having tender coconut, ”How about a lemonade?” asks my mom. I pause, but I don’t agree…logically yes lemonade can quench thirst, but not now, not for me. As simple as that .

This hunger pang lately and the varied foodie apps to tempt, food with guilt or no guilt, agreed. This is no big deal.

Everyone understands the hunger of body as simple as that. Wish hunger of the mind is equally understood and served better. There is no harm if u don’t like variety of things to keep the hunger of the mind satisfied. But if variety is all that you want, if adventure is all you look out for, if ur mind longs to travel…feed it. Don’t pacify a hungry mind with the routine. Never silence it with sacrifice. That’s not a way to creating a limitless you or a Happy you.

Time Travel

Time machines, time travel …amazing concept but still a fantasy…would you trust me if I say otherwise. No doubt it is amazing,time travel I mean…but it is not a fantasy as long as you dare to dream or rather dare to fantasize. (Am I not good with juggling words?)

I am a dreamer and I can vouch for it. Your dreams , however stupid, insignificant or alarmingly big will instantly take you to places where you want to be, close to the the warmth of people you want to be with, so close to the emotions you would like to feel, the taste you would like to relish, the smell you would like to indulge, it can even trick your senses to feel like it’s a reality ..there is nothing new about this, and we have all experienced this kind of dreams or fantasies .

But what I mean to say is ,it does take you to exactly what you dared to dream in reality too….with added charm and flavour. You will realise it only If you start observing and living in the moment. you get a goosebump kind of feeling coz you will understand you have lived it already, and the present is only a time travel.

Wings are wings, be it on butterfly or dragon fly!

Bumper to bumper choked on a Monday morning traffic, surrounded by the concrete jungle. I ease down, a butterfly caught my attention, in the hot humid polluted place , in the cracky corner of a pavement , amids the cracks stood two little wild plants with tiny flowers, which had got the attention of the butterfly.

This winged creature brought a limitless joy in me, for all of us ,long to have the wings . Wings that could free us, liberate us, make us reach for our dreams and wings that will let us explore the world. So much talk about caterpillar being in a cocoon and becoming a becoming a butterfly . I see this comparison in many places, especially associated with women. And I have been through the phase myself .

Getting the wings is the beginning of the story , not the end of it. Don’t be carried away by the thought of just having wings. The story begins there. Cocoon was still a comfortable place , with all the uncomfortable feelings. But being a butterfly is a different story and I repeat the story begins there.

For… entering the cocoon again even if you want to is never possible. Out in the world, independent you fly.. taking care of your self, becomes your responsibility and no one will be able to fly together, even if they want to. Finding the little flowers on the wild plants amids the cracky pavement of the concrete jungle in a hot humid polluted day with bumper to bumper traffic on a Monday morning is entirely on you and that’s the responsibility that comes with wings, be it a butterfly or a dragonfly.

The day doors of heaven open.

I love the rain as much as I love the Sky, the Stars and the Moon. What makes Rain extra special? It is not always around, the surprise element attached with any thing is a thrill. The longing for it makes it even more special. Sky is my heaven and every time I raise my head to look at it, I instantly get the connect, to  the energy and Peace fills my heart. But for rain my heart longs … its the unexpected visits of the rain that brings butterflies inside.

The doors of heaven open to pour in and cleanse everything around. Does it only cleanse the roads, the trees, the buildings??? Not really, it does cleanse me from within. It takes me to the stillness I always enjoy. What a wonder, the fierceness in nature can calm the turbulent mind. Taking time to sit alone looking at the rain, or even just to listen it hitting the roof is very relaxing .

Rain slashing Chennai now. The current situation of people viewing rain as a beast is very disheartening. The pleasure of nature is manipulated to be a demon. All of us  know deep in our hearts who created this situation. So I wish, I don’t let my mind in to the media hype and all the chaos going around. I still will keep it simple that my doors of heaven is open and will admire it as long as it lasts.

The first rain I could recollect was when I was around 2-3 years old. we lived in a house that had a kitchen overlooking an open area that overlooked the sky. I remember my mom moving certain items indoors and saying that it was raining. the next rain was the most happiest. It was an intense pour, I was still a little girl in my grand parents house. My grand father made little boats for me to sail in the running water outside. How I enjoying underneath a big black umbrella and a warm loving person close to me.

Growing up years brought fantastic memories with rain. My dad always let us enjoy Nature and so we had the liberty of soaking ourselves in the endless rain. I remember seeing the rainbow form  in the sky, the flowers bloom with a touch of the rain drop. Those spectacular moment will remain with me in my memory for ever. The happiness of a surprise school holiday due to rain. Riding the Bi-cycle or the two-wheeler back home  with the quivering jaws as cold sharp rains was an experience itself.


If thoughts control you, then why meditate to a state of thoughtlessness ? Now that’s thought proving for me. Thoughts cannot be seen…yet it’s super powerful, thoughtlessness can not be felt and that’s where the whole of the universal power lies. It’s a journey to get in to that state but you get into that state only with your thoughts . Not everyone is inclined to that thought. It’s the tempest and the sea. The inner journey paves a wider world to us. Such a contradiction but how true. Just a thought, that I thought I can capture.

Holding hands

Hot Sun above, one end of my grandma’s saree protects me from the heat and the end of her pointer finger protects me from within, as I walk my way back from the flourmill, long distance from home.

Bustling traffic, Pavements filled with shops and the whole place thrown up with colors. Colorful clothes, bags, accessories and home needs, Meenakshi temple in the center. It is a maddening Diwali crowd of Madurai. Hand in hand together, Mom and I enjoy our time shopping as if we are from a different world bonded together.

In a pink and white frock, holding hands and baby hopping, going to the loo and back, going to the school and back, going to the playground and back, our hands never parted. We grew but the hands continued to hold each other. That was the tender school age where almost all of us felt safe. I remember my math teacher, trying hard to keep me and my best friend from holding hands. That was one of the reasons why she was never in my good books (my math teacher I mean).

She waits near the stone bench, I am in red and white today and so is my nail polish. I was famous for my matching nail polish in college. Here she is, holding my hands and busily peeling it off as we share sweet-nothings. My friend for life, she still is. She still is famous for holding my hands and easing my heart.

As an unwritten rule, the newly wed me and my husband, held hands as much as possible, silently letting each other know we are there for each other. The embarrassing moment of being tied hand in hand with a silk cloth as soon as we got married still lingers fresh in my mind.

Three hours of intense labor, my husband and mom holding my hands, enduring my crazy squeezes, gave me the energy, nothing in the world would have possibly given, to push the big baby boy to this world. Holding the tiny baby hands in mine gave me a new meaning to life. The excitement of the little baby brother curling his fingers around his finger was one big amazement for my little big boy who was 2.5 years old. The little big boy is 16 now and holds my hands and snaps his fingers in style, that is the connection he does to make each other bright.

Years of prejudice melt away as I hold my mom-in-laws hands as she is taken back home from the hospital after a hip fracture. I am humbled at the peace between us, it let our souls connect to a deeper level of forgiveness. Wish I had done this early on in my life.

Holding a loved one’s hand, sitting in silence, letting the soul do the talking is one of the best feelings in the world. A shoulder to lean can be ultimate, a sun rise or a sun set, mountain or a beach in front can be divine. If holding hands can be so powerful, then why don’t we do it very often? Science also back my feelings stating that human brain release oxytocin, a-feel-good hormone when we hold hands of loved ones. The good news is, this does not cost a dime. Yet, we often forget the delicate needs of the soul and get going with our busy lives in search of what we know not. Take time to enjoy the limitless you from within with your loved ones.